3 December 2014
by Adrienne

Tips for Surviving Him Vs Her Decorating


Moving in together is always a big step. Suddenly he's moved his Darth Vader action figures into your china cabinet, or she's stuck a stuffed cat called Mr Fluffles in amongst your commemorative football mugs. (Or vice versa, for that matter.) Many people find that decorating a home together and divvying up the space and furniture throws up some surprisingly big obstacles. Bearing in mind that no décor, no matter how beautiful, is worth a relationship – here are some do’s and don’ts to help you out.

DO talk about your budget

Money worries are one of the things most likely to lead to friction in a relationship. Make sure you have a clear budget, and don’t start wildly spending money without bringing it up with your partner! Also, if it’s furniture you’re after, keep an eye on the internet. You could bag a real bargain on Ebay, Gumtree or Craigslist!

DON’T dominate the place

Maybe you like green, and dream of walking through your green kitchen to your green living room before drawing the green curtains and settling down on your green sofa. That’s fine, but remember that your partner will be sharing this space with you. It can’t be just yours – they need to add their personality to the mix, too. Perhaps just one green room will do.

If she let you have a ‘lad’s-pad’ living room with leather sofas and an Xbox in pride of place, don’t complain when she wants a girly bedroom with pink frills and flowers. It’s not like you’ll be entertaining your mates in there, anyway, and you might well grow to like it!

DO discuss the furniture ahead of time

It’s possible that while making plans for the move, you’ll realise you’ve got two sofas, two DVD cabinets, two dining tables and so on. You’re probably not gonna have either the need or the space for all of that. Get talking about what you’re going to do with the surplus – donate it to charity, maybe or place it in storage. It’ll save a lot of hassle in the long run.

DON’T throw anything away without asking

That hideous throw pillow you quietly slipped in the trash? Turns out it was a present from his late grandmother. Very loved and very irreplaceable. Oops.

Seriously, don’t do this. It’s control-freak of the worst kind.

DO be prepared to compromise

Vital in all aspects of a relationship, and equally vital when it comes to designing and decorating. If your partner brings in some hideous ornament that you hate, politely suggest moving it to a room you’re not likely to frequently see it.Can’t decide on a decorating style? Try blending more than one – if you’re careful with colours, patterns and themes, you could end up with something amazing. It’s easy, and fun, once you know how!

DON’T worry too much!

A cosy, comfortable home suited to both of you is very important, but it’s also paramount to relax. Put off things til tomorrow if you have to, and don’t stress yourself out worrying about colour schemes or where his mother’s antique grandfather clock will go. And remember, you and your partner are doing this together, so make sure to leave some time for themselves.

There will be other obstacles, no doubt, and possibly even a fair amount of sulking. But remember this advice – it’ll help you on your way to a beautiful home, and a beautiful relationship!