15 April 2015
by Adrienne

10 Ways to Save Money

Saving is a habit to form. It is so easy to spend money constantly and Perth isn’t cheap but with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you could save more efficiently for that home deposit.

1.    Join a FREE fitness class

FREE, no one gets anything free anymore, right?! Well The City of Perth has free classes in the Northbridge Piazza for Yoga & Tai Chi. Yoga is every Wednesday 6-7pm and Tai Chi 9-10am every Sunday.

You’re likely spending a monthly fee on the gym or a weekly exercise class. It may not be exactly what you are used to, but the pennies you save will make a big difference to the piggy bank.

Don’t forget you could just put on a pair of joggers and go for a run. The footpath & Local Park are free after all.

2.    Get your pampering done by a trained student

For the females out there that spend quite a substantial fee every 8 weeks for their new hairdo, have you considered getting a trainee to do it for you?

Scared?! Ok, it might be a little scary but the students at TAFE Central have the capacity to pamper you. Visit their Beauty Clinic for waxing, tinting, manicures, pedicures, facial & body treatments plus hair. Needing even more relaxation, enjoy their Massage Clinic.

It may not be the dream experience, but it will save and that’s the point.

3.    Cancel Foxtel & stream online

For those of you fortunate to have Foxtel, now is the time to cancel that subscription. With many streaming sites going live including Netflix, Presto & Stan, you can get access to movies and TV series on your device or smart TV for likely less than your current subscription. (Plus, many are offering a month’s free subscription)

They may not feature all you’ve got access to currently but a little bit of couch time won’t be missed, especially when you are out on your free run.

4.    Take short showers and turn off the lights

Bills. They suck! However, they are life. Inflation is only going to get worse; those bills will continue to go up. Therefore, you need to be conscious about your usage.

Realistically you only need a 2 minute shower, get a small timer & place it in your shower – you’ll save yourself money & time.

Did your parents ever use the expression ‘Do you live in a lighthouse?’ Well, do you? Turning off your lights, tv & appliances while they aren’t in use will save you money.

5.    Get a library card

We can hear you laughing, a library, that ancient thing! Yes, a library, if you are a reader, whether a paperback person or a kindle fanatic, joining a library will save you money.

Plus, if you live nearby, you could walk or ride, ticking the box of exercising for free.

6.    Leave your wallet at home

Do you have the habit of pulling your wallet out a lot? If you are like us, you can’t resist that take away coffee, that sneaky $10 Tee, that four letter word SALE.

If you running to the shops quickly, leave your wallet at home and take a limited amount of cash. Place habits in your life that will STOP you from so easily reaching in and placing it on the card.

Getting rid of your credit card is likely not the best option (sometimes we need it for emergencies) but hiding it is a great idea. Place it in your desk drawer and out of your wallet. It limits the temptation to max it out!

7.    Become a coupon junkie

Spend a little bit of time and invest in joining reward clubs, troll Groupon, horde those receipt coupons and plan your outings with the cheap opportunities you have at hand.

Most phone companies offer discounted movie tickets, you may not be able to see your choice during peak hour on a Saturday evening, needless to say saving will require a little bit of sacrifice.

8.    Go grocery shopping on a full stomach

Temptation lies in the midst of a grocery aisle, Tim Tams, nutella, ice-cream, chips, soft drink and it continues, all simply an arm length away.

Before you go shopping, write a shopping list and stick to it. Then before you go shopping have a snack to fill you up. You’re less likely to impulse buy items you don’t need if you go shopping on a full stomach.

9.    Pack light & book online

When going on a holiday, book online, there are countless sites offering discount hotel rooms & deals. When searching for flights, be sure to refresh your cookies, prices go up on the sites after you visit them multiple times.

Save money on check in luggage and pack light. Learn to roll your clothes and live with less.

10.  Drink more water

Water is free (basically), bottle it, filter it, do what you please with it, but it’s a resource at your fingertips. Not to mention the health benefits from being hydrated.


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