25 February 2016
by Adrienne

10 Worst Excuses for not Building or Buying


There’s no need to be an excuse-making, time-taking, cash wasting renter. Avoid these excuses and join the other loan-getting, land-finding homebuilding winners out there! 


  1. “I’m too young”


Too young? In my day you’d have fought in two wars, had eight children and built a home with your bare hands by the time you were 21.  Stop procrastinating and get on with it!


  1. “I like house sharing”


Of course you do. Because everybody loves other people’s messes, noises and smells.


  1. “I can’t afford the deposit”


Have you just arrived from the year 1989? Because things have changed a little since then. You no longer need to sell a kidney or pull off a casino heist to afford the deposit on new home. Homebuyers Centre can sort you out from as little as $3000*.


  1. “I don’t know where to start”


Can you construct a cheese sandwich without referring to a recipe? Can you tell left from right without writing the words on your hands? Can you walk and chew gum? Good. Chances are you’ve got what it takes to buy a new home. Good homebuilders (I happen to know one) do all the complicated stuff for you, and hold your hand the whole way. Not actually hold your hand. Unless you want them to.


  1. “Too much pressure”


Relax, Poppet. A new home is less of a stress than a rental. For a start you never have to worry about your evil landlord booting you out to sell the house, or raising the rent because he fancies a month in Hawaii. And if you want to run away and join the circus, you can rent it out and become an evil landlord yourself!


  1. “I love the freedom of renting”


You know what freedom is? It’s a house that’s paid off. It’s being able to tell your boss to shove-it because you don’t need to take her crap, or her money anymore. Yes, my friend; owning your own home will give you a future overflowing with freedom.


  1. “The dog ate my loan application”


No it didn’t. You live in a rental and you’re probably not even allowed a dog.


  1. “It’s cheaper to rent.”


No it’s not. Not if you do it properly. A decent homebuilder (I think you know who I mean) will make it their mission to get you into your own home for the same as you’re paying in rent. Plus you’ll be throwing money into your financial future rather than the bin.


  1. “I’m comfortable.”


Because you still live with your Mummy and Daddy. Comfort isn’t going to grow you.


  1. “It’s too hard.”


Homebuyers Centre make home ownership easy with our 3 step process. Finance, Land and Home. Ask one of our Home & Land Specialists today about how easy it is on 131 751.