25 February 2015
by Adrienne

How to Throw a House Warming Party

Moving into your first home is a big step and it is something to celebrate! Let’s help you plan that house warming party.

First the Guest List

You want your party to be memorable, make sure you invite not only your close friends and family but someone who fits into each of these categories:

  • That Loud Guy – you know the one who has to tell everyone his stories and yell loud obnoxious comments across the alfresco. Your neighbours will think you’re mighty popular.
  • The Happy Baker – there is always that gal who must bring baked goods to the party. Make sure she comes along, less food prep for you!
  • Mr Hospitality - he’ll save you time and make you look like an awesome host/ess, offering your mates beers and showing them around.
  • Eye candy – need we say more?
  • Who is that guy? – Awkward dancing, interesting pickup lines, nudie runs, all your friends will simply exclaim ‘Who is that guy?’. Memories people, memories.


The easiest way is to set up a Facebook event invite, but that’s not very original. Want a low cost option that looks cool too?

Paperless Post is a website that sends custom designed invites to your friends and will monitor their RSVP for you. Great free invitations and cheap upgrade options, try it out: https://www.paperlesspost.com/

Or be old school, and post some invites. We suggest popping into Starfish Lane in North Perth for some ideas, classes and paper supplies. See what they offer: http://www.starfishlane.com.au/


Do you have a limited supply of chairs but don’t want to bring out the horrid camping fold chairs?

Swing by your local deli or grocery store and see if they have any milk crates for you to borrow. Place some spare cushions on the crates and position them around your home. Don’t have that many cushions? Make it a condition of party attendance to bring your own.

Add a splash of colour with bunting. Kmart has a variety of options for only $2, or there are metres of fabric options on Etsy.

Buntings not your thing? Pity…

Let’s make it easy and show off your brand new home, give it a sweep, a dust and let your friends in.


No one likes to go hungry! In this instance, less is not more! Decide first whether you are supplying finger food or if it’s a full blown BBQ expedition.

Delegate roles and ensure food is consistent with snacks for the eager and something heartier for those who didn’t eat before the party.

Why not create your own Pop-up Mexican joint? Everyone else is doing it!


What era did you grow up in? We all love a flashback to our childhood. Pull together an 80’s or 90’s playlist and see everyone sing along.

80's Top Ten Songs

90's Top Ten Songs

Going for more of a chilled vibe? That’s ok, try this home inspired playlist.

Clean Up

It’s unlikely people will stick around and help do the clean-up.
When doing your party prep, add to the shopping list garbage bags, a broom, mop and sponges.
Then get to work! It’s a brand new home and it deserves to stay in mint condition (for a season anyway).


Ok, get off your butt and get planning!
Remember, rule #1 is everyone must have fun.