18 January 2016
by The Coach

Top 10 Reasons to Move Out of Mum and Dad's house


In my day, we got kicked out of home with a bag of potatoes and a clip round the ear at the age of 15. It built character. So get out there and build some character – and a nice new home of your own.


1. Privacy.

Phone conversations, arguments with boyfriends, your internet browser history, and pretty much everything else you do (even in the privacy of your own room) is there for mum and dad to see, hear and smell. Weird.


2. Mum washing your undies.

Have you no dignity? You’re 23 years old, man. Wash your own damn undies.


3. They want you gone.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but from the day you were born Mum and Dad have been counting down to the day they get their lives, privacy, dispensable income and favourite armchair back. Don’t take it personally. Mum and Dad love you very much. It’s just they’d love you very much to move out.


4. Bringing home a special friend.

Mum and Dad can’t wait to meet your new girlfriend or boyfriend. They are dying to show them pictures of a five-year-old you in the backyard, wearing nothing but gumboots and a smile. They’re raring to tell them all the embarrassing stories from your childhood. So buy your own home and avoid introducing your new friend to the two most embarrassing people in the world.


5. Tuna Casserole.

Monday night does not have to be tuna casserole night, Tuesday needn’t be pumpkin lasagne night and it is possible to eat something other than sausage curry on a Wednesday. Get your own kitchen in your own new home and eat what you want, when you want.


6. Is this your towel?

In your own home you can drape wet towels over the fridge. You can leave your training socks on the coffee table and you can park your bike in the bathroom if you want. You won’t because you’ll want to keep your beautiful new home looking good, but it’s the principle – you can because you own it.


7. “Partay”

Sure, you can throw a party at Mum and Dad’s house. You can follow your mates around with a damp cloth and gasp every time someone bumps into the ornament cabinet. Everyone loves that kind of party. 


8. “When will you be home?”

While you live at home you’ll always be Mummy and Daddy’s child. So expect to be asked when you’ll be home, should they expect you for dinner, and when you’re going to write your grandmother that thank you card for the Mr Potato Head she bought you 13 years ago.


 9. Independence.

Real independence isn’t travelling around Europe or buying a motorbike. As boring as it sounds, real independence is remembering to pay bills, feeding yourself, keeping at least one clean pair of undies in circulation at any given time and being responsible for a plant or two. So get in there and own your independence.


10.  “You live with your parents?”

End of conversation.


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