13 April 2016
by The Coach

Top 10 ways to Personalise your New Home

When we moved into our new house I wanted to convert the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom into a gym. Mrs Coach pointed out that we would no longer have a kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom. “And?” I replied.


She won. I had to limit my gym conversion to the garage, toilet and laundry. Here are a few simple ways you can personalise your new home… 

1.         Own it? Nail it!

Take a look at all those beautiful crisp clean walls. Yours. Every one of them. No landlord is going to tell you that you can’t bang a nail in. So unleash all that built up nailing from years of renting and plaster those walls with your pictures. Go crazy. There’s a place for every painting, photo or poster you’ve ever collected. Even that 2m tall Britney Spears ‘Baby one more time’ poster you’ve got stashed in the garage. Don’t deny it.


2.         Create a man-cave

It’s a scientifically proven fact that men make happier, more helpful, high-performance husbands if they get a little space now and then. That’s why a man cave is essential.  Mine features a full-length mirror so I can shout inspirational mantras at myself, and a video camera to record myself shouting at myself. (So I can improve my shouting performance, obviously.)

inspo: Kyal & Kara's Man Cave, Reno Rumble Season 1


3.         Create a lady-space

Apparently, men aren’t the only ones who need a sacred little spot for themselves. I often find Mrs Coach sitting in her walk-in wardrobe pretending not to be there. No idea why. So why not create your own lady-space? You can use it to display all that stuff your bloke sneers at: Your 27 handcrafted cushions, pictures of firemen, kittens and firemen holding kittens.

inspo: master bedroom with walk in robe by Homebuyers Centre Victoria


4.         Express your shelf

Try and put up a shelf in your rental and your landlord will probably grab your entire deposit for sticking a screw in his flaky old wall.
Your house? Your rules! So take those books out of hiding and show your guests how interesting and intelligent you are.
Haven’t got any? Buy a bunch of really highbrow books from an op shop and your mates will think you’re a genius.

You could even chuck in a few foreign language editions if you really want to show off. 

Bargain: Strap Wall Shelf, $19 from Kmart!


5.         Grow for it!

Your plants say a lot about you.
Not literally. That would be scary.
But they do tell the world what kind of person you are.
A neat-freak? Wild and crazy? A bit spikey?  Exotic? Or a proud Aussie?


6.         Paint it black

Whether you need to run through the Sunday dinner game plan with your better half, or remind someone that they need to pick that soggy wet towel off the bedroom floor again, a blackboard wall will help you win at domestic life.
And it’s so easy: Buy a tin of blackboard paint, pick a wall, hand tin to husband. Easy.

inspo: Kitchen with blackboard feature by Homebuyers Centre WA


7.         Slightly mad cushion arrangements

I have to say, I don’t understand Mrs Coach’s need to cover every soft surface in our home with cushions.
Do you really need 12 cushions on each couch? Is an elaborate cushion sculpture absolutely necessary on the marital bed?
Apparently so. Apparently they ‘pull everything together’. I think Mrs Coach needs to pull herself together. But what do I know?

8.         One day…

One day you’ll build a pizza oven. One day you’ll make your own lampshades out of vintage cutlery.
One day you’ll make a tile mosaic of your dog’s face on the bathroom wall…
Well folks, one day doesn’t need to be tomorrow when you own a brand new home. One day is today – so get in there and own it!

^^ What a handsome moustache... This bloke is here to motivate and coach you to achieve one of life's biggest goals - a home of your own.


9.         Home is where the art is

Stencil a giant parrot on your wall in your rental and it’s called vandalism.
Do it to your own wall and it’s called a mural.


10. Bring your holidays home

Show your friends and family how much of a well-travelled winner you are by subtly scattering your travel trinkets around the house. By the way, Bintang T-shirts don’t count.

And an extra one because we like you…

11. Name it

It’s your house, so give it a name.
Could be Happy Orchard, Done Roamin’ or Dave for all I care. It’s your house, so call it what you want!
That’s the beauty of owning your own home, isn’t it? So put a sign up. Make it yours and OWN IT!


Want to personalise your home?

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